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Electric Kalimba!

2011-02-12 15:01:49 by Chris-V2

Starting the build in the next few weeks, will post it when ready!

For now, smoking hot Vietnamese booty!

Electric Kalimba!

Took a pickup out of my guitar

2010-09-15 20:34:32 by Chris-V2

Stuck in a Piezo instead. Nifty.

Took a pickup out of my guitar


2010-09-02 10:55:30 by Chris-V2

Here is my blog. It is full of opinions. Except now they are facts because I wrote them down.


Summing Box

2010-01-17 17:35:23 by Chris-V2

Finaly it is builteded!The volume pot doesn't work quite the way I hoped, I'd to use a Dual Gang so it tends to attenuate my volume a little bit- not a very big deal in the long run of things. But I'm going to speak to my electronics lecturer on alternatives.

Pictures up soonish, I've to do some sort of design for my pedals so I can pedal them. Hyuck Hyuck.

Also, thinking of buying an MXR Blue Box or a Electro Harmonix Microsynth, any opinions on either?

Say Hello

2007-11-10 19:00:48 by Chris-V2

Well, go on.

Now I'll never get to go to Manchester anymore! bollocks! Oh well, maybe he'll be happier and stuff. Or he'll get stabbed. Hmmm.... let's hope not.